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Ghostek soDrop 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Noise Reduction Amazing Bass | White & Gold?

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28th Jan 2021

Suggestions for headphones that are bluetooth and wired, have removable/easily replaceable ear pads and around 200$? I know this is an enthusiasts sub, but I’m just looking for utility and practicality rn. I have these and they work fine for what I need, but the ear pads are going to shit and idk how to change them out.

Thanks <3

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19th May 2021


These are the pair of headphones I’m currently using. They’ve been discontinued for a while, I have the black variant. The Amazon site mentions nothing about aptx LL. They might be equipped with it they might not be. But there is almost zero latency. It is a truly night and day difference in experience rather than connecting the same pair of headphones directly to the Oculus Quest 2.