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GH60 Solid Wooden Case Wrist Rest for 60% Mini Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Compatible Poker2 Pok3r Faceu 60 (Yellow Rosewood)?

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27th Jun 2017

Currently running no battery. Stock battery is too thick and I didn’t want to shave into the case too much. A thinner one would do the trick nicely. All I had to do was sick my dremel to the USB outlet point in back slightly to widen it for my cable. Easy peasy.

Ordered this from Amazon.

It was slated for delivery mid July, but showed up today (10 days shipping from China).

Edit: The wrist rest came with it as well, forgot to mention that 🙂

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15th Aug 2020

https://www.amazon.com/Wooden-Mechanical-Keyboard-Compatible-Rosewood/dp/B06ZYBSSBD?th=1&psc=1 yellow rose wood! Comes with wrist rest couldn’t recommend it any more. GK64 fits perfectly in it. SA pulse are the key caps, came from mass drop. As with most things in massdrop you’ll have to wait months to get your order.

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16th Nov 2017

There’s one on Amazon here by NKPC, who makes some fairly good (and cheap) keycaps and cases.