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19th Oct 2010

I bought this book about 10 years ago when I first started lifting (and I still have it): Getting Stronger by Bill Pearl.

The book has a LOT of different weightlifting programs in it. There were many, many programs for different sports too (it looks like those have been spun off into a new book).

There are hundreds of exercises drawn out in the book too. You can probably find all of these and more at exrx.

I read about muscle physiology. I read about proper rest. I read about form. I read about the order of exercises. I looked through a lot of the programs and the different exercises and I made my own program. I tried to memorize a bunch of different exercises for each part of my body, so that if (for example) someone just started using the lat pulldown machine and I didn’t want to wait for them to finish, I could do seated-rows or bent-over rows or one-handed DB rows for my back.

I think the best sections of the book are where the author talked about how muscles work. Did you know you tear your muscles as you work out, and as the tears are repaired your muscles grow bigger? Did you know the negative aspect of a lift (e.g. bringing the weight down on a bench press) has as much or more benefit as the postive aspect of the lift (pushing it back up)? If you’re slamming the weights down on your chest during a bench or just letting the dumbbells drop on curls you’re not getting the benefit of actively resisting the weight as gravity takes it down.

This was all from that one book. The /r/Fitness FAQ to the right has more information than this book I’m sure.

In the ‘Getting Started’ section of the book the author says this:
In all the books and articles on bodybuilding and weightlifting, everyone has a different philosophy, training method, and surefire guarantee of success. In spite of all the claims, there is no one method that works best for everyone.

Anyone can give you a program to do, but every program is just made of ‘random exercizes.’ If you don’t know how to do the exercises (or know that you’re doing them wrong) you won’t make the gains you want.