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Get RXd Xebex Air Rower Conditioning Pack?

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30th Dec 2016

I will look into that thank you. Do you have your own experience with that by any chance?


It is a fair review. It looks to me that Concept 2 is a winner from reading it. Due to the better monitor, “normal” way of counting calories, and some Get RXd plastic parts. Xebex is a bit cheaper but still in the same price range, though.


From AMAZON reviews:


If trying to decide between the Xebex and the Concept 2, the primary differences in the rowers themselves are that the Xebex has a more padded handle, sits higher, is heavier overall, and folds. The Concept 2 has a skinnier handle with no discernible padding, sits a few inches lower, is lighter, and flips up on end to stand up straight (rather than folding), giving it a smaller footprint when storing (could be important depending on your space). Both have strong chains, both track the same things (distance, calories, time, whatever), both have easily adjustable foot pads. It is possible that the chain on the Xebex is a bit smoother than the Concept 2, but the hiccups I experienced on a Concept 2 could have been because there were multiple people using the machine every day, whereas I am the only one using my Xebex.