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Genuine National JDSLABS Objective2 Black Edition By NwAvGuy Headphone Amplifier JDS LABS (Made in USA)?

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1st Feb 2017

Thanks. I do get better sound out of my 598 headphones from the Sound Blast Z than I did on the onboard of my Asus Z87-A, especially at high volume. But the “upgrade” wasn’t as drastic as I would have liked for the he. When I move to an ITX board, I am really leaning towards using a 100-150 dollar USB DAC instead of a traditional “Sound “.

edit: Any experience with this? https://www.amazon.com/Objective2-headphone-amplifier-JDS-LABS/dp/B00E0DMCO0/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485980191&sr=8-1&keywords=JDS+objective

It has headphone out, microphone in, it’s from the JDS Objective line, and in my price range.

Edit 2: That doesn’t appear to be a USB DAC. It is a headphone amp only.

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21st Jul 2015

Alright thanks. I was actually thinking of the HD700s. Would I need additional cabling for that pair and the Objective2s? (I’m assuming this is it: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00E0DMCO0?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_3&smid=A1BDH3YY80PUXP)

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20th Nov 2016

I got this one here. All that was included was the physical amp itself. No cords, no AC-AC adapter.

There seems to be confusion in the Amazon comments over whether they offer the adapter as well. I did not receive it. Feels bad man

edit: also my HD600s didn’t come with a female to male cord. This says it should include “1 adapter to 1/4 inch” in the box. All that was in the box were the physical HD600s.

Am I being abnormally stupid, or am I getting punked here?

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26th Apr 2016


I’m looking for some type of external audio device for my gaming desktop. I have a pair of JBL LSR305 speakers and have Sennheiser PC 363D (for games and TV or movies) and Sennheiser HD 598 SE headphones (for listening to music). I play video games, watch movies and TV, and listen to/edit music on my PC. My maximum budget is $300, but I’d like to spend less if possible. I don’t care if it’s portable or not. I don’t know if I need just a DAC or if I need a DAC and headphone amp combo. I’ve tried looking up reviews and different models myself but I just confuse myself more. I’ve heard good things about these models: JDSLABS Objective2, JDSLABS Objective2 + ODAC Combo, SMSL Sanskrit 6th 32bit/192kHz USB/Optical/Coaxial to Analog Audio Decoder, and Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic 100. If someone could recommend a few different models to me and tell me what I should be looking for, I would really appreciate it.