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Genius SP-HF1800A 50 W Three-way Hi-Fi Wood Speakers?

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6th Sep 2016

If you want new equipment, get either the Audio Technica LP-120 or U-Turn Orbit, either would be around 300 dollars. I’d recommend the LP-120 since it has more playback features and may be more convenient to use. As for speakers, if you just want something that runs on RCA jacks and is cheap, try these:


I use those myself, they work very well. Bass and treble control, and they sound really nice.

So, you’re looking at about a $360 minimum.

Now, if you’re fine with buying older equipment, then you’d be totally fine with that budget. Find a decent table from the 70s or 80s with an adjustable counterweight, anti-skate and tone control, grab a cheaper pre-amp off of Amazon or something, and those speakers. That’ll probably run you around $150, depending on how expensive you get your used table. If you go to a garage sale or local flea market, you can probably find a decent one for under 40 dollars.

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17th Jun 2016

5.1 speakers are cool, but I just don’t have the space. The only place I can really put my 2.0 set is on the left/right sides of my monitor, I don’t have space for anything else. Guess it’s not worth worrying about. These are what I have: https://www.amazon.com/Genius-SP-HF1800A-Three-way-Hi-Fi-Speakers/dp/B0041Q9PZ0 What’s stupid is that I paid $64 from a third-party Amazon seller and literally 2 days later they’re $58 direct from Amazon, new in both cases. WTF.

> I’m just a point-and-click type of dude, entering a command prompt every once in awhile

I’m the exact same way, I don’t need anything fancy and thought I was missing out by not having a mechanical plank. Now I know. Leatherman support is amazing, my dad sent in his (I think it was a Wave? not sure) for replacement and they sent him back the next best model plus a new case. Good stuff.

I’m one of those guys on the “be mad at EA for making the French army DLC” bandwagon; realistically it doesn’t affect me at all because I won’t be buying the game anytime soon, but the argument about implying inaccurate information about WWI to the younger BF audience resonates with me. Game looks fun as hell though.

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2nd Sep 2018

Sennheiser is the best of the best, but be ready to pay $100-200 premium for same quality as Beyerdynamic until you start getting close to $800 plus where no one can keep up with Sennheiser.

As for speakers, they don’t tend to really get “good” unless you start spending ungodly money. I use these, but it’s nothing crazy, just something I use for when I don’t feel like wearing headphones (most single player games).

If you want a headset instead of headphones I recommend these.

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14th Apr 2017

New to turntables. I already have these speakers, and I am looking at either getting the Fluance RT81 or the LP120. Would this setup be fully functional? Is there anything else I would need?

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22nd Feb 2017

I used to run these:


They’re about 15″ tall. Sounded great, too.