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Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion – Double Egg Seat Cushion with Non-Slip Cover for Tailbone Pain – Office Chair Car Seat Cushion – Sciatica & Back Pain Relief – Perfect for Car, Home, Wheelchair, Travel?

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22nd Feb 2021

Full disclosure: new to the sub and don’t know much about the world of office chairs, so I’m hoping to benefit from y’all’s wisdom on this.

We have kind of a cramped home working setup and currently I’m making do with a creaky cheap Ikea wooden dining chair with a taped-on chair pad. This is, obviously, not a particularly comfortable setup – at least for me. (My 6’3″ partner, who shares the space, seems impervious to the issue.) My main problem is that I fidget a lot when I sit, and most of the time, I have one or both of my feet folded under me (kind of like thunderbolt pose in yoga). If the chair pad slips, I end up with bruises on the top of my feet from the wood.

I’m looking for an office chair that’s:

  • reasonably compact, or at least can be pushed up against the desk to minimize its footprint;
  • will accommodate a fidgeter without swinging around like crazy;
  • can adjust between a 5’6″ person and a 6’3″ person with a minimum of fuss;
  • can be ordered online and delivered (I live in a smaller town, and more importantly, COVID).

I’d appreciate any suggestions you all might have, though the highest end is probably out of budget for me. Thanks in advance!