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GEEK HEAT Infrared Convection Heater,1000W/1500W Electric Portable Space Heater for Office,Home and Indoor Use,Safe Tower Radiant Quartz Heater with Adjustable Thermostat,Tip-Over,Overheat Protection?

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17th Dec 2019

The maximum heat available from a 120v space heater is 5,118 BTU/Hr, so they’ll all heat the space the same amount on average. The only difference between models will be how effectively they put that heat into the stuff you’re touching, and how effectively they spread it around. Unfortunately, that’s just not enough power for an uninsulated garage.

The only kind of 120v heater which will be even remotely effective in a garage are the direct infrared ones. A large portion of their heat comes out in the form of infrared radiation, which directly warms whatever it’s pointed at (like your hands).

If that’s not appealing for whatever reason, then you need to look at propane heaters and probably 50,000 BTU/Hr or so. The fan-forced torpedo heaters work pretty well but are loud; little Mr. Buddy portables are less powerful but also have some infrared output like the space heaters, and so work okay. The cheap cylindrical convection heaters are a lot less capable unless you’ve got a fan moving air around the garage separately.