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Gateron MX Switch 3 pin and 5 pin Transparent Case Black Red Green Brown Blue Clear Switches for Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Compatible?

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6th Sep 2019

What would you consider to be the lowest legit price for gateron greens? Living in Austria, most if not all options from the Wiki are either mightily expensive from the start or are ruined by the shipping. The cheapest I could find was on KBDfans, although a pack of 100 greens gets up to 33 € with the better shipping option. However, thisoffer on Amazon promises 104 switches for 27€ including free shipping. The only things keeping me from odering are the price that’s even lower than KBDfans which is already getting some mixed reviews, the fact that YMDK is listed as the manufacturer instead of Gateron and the few reviews. Since I can’t imagine someone faking Gaterons might this be a bad batch/used switches or am I being paranoid?