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Gateron MX Switch 3 pin and 5 pin Transparent Case Black Red Green Brown Blue Clear Switches for Mechanical Keyboard Cherry MX Compatible?

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12th Aug 2020

If you really need a budget build i cant recommend the gk61 enough. At the current moment it is just $67 on amazon and basically requires no soldering (it’s a hot-swap PCB) and the case, PCB, and plate are all already put together. As for a cheap switch gateron yellows are supreme for smoothness on a budget and key caps wise anything from YDMK is a good choice.

Here are the links to get you started on this build totaling at around $110 (give or take a few for the shipping and if you have amazon prime)

Gateron Yellow Switches


YDMK Top Print PBT keycap set

Disclaimer: This build obviously wont sound as great as the premium stuff you mostly see here on this sub as I didn’t add any lube or stabilizer modifications to this build,