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Garnier SkinActive Gentle Sulfate-Free Foaming Face Wash, 13.5 Ounce?

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14th Sep 2021

I’llgive you mine, I get my crap off amazon and read a lot of reviews first, I think I’ve got a good balance between cost and effectiveness.

Wake up:

Wash face with cleanser (Garnier SkinActive Gentle Sulfate-Free Foaming Face Wash). Apply lotion with SPF to face (CeraVe AM Facial Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30).


Wash face with above cleanser. Dry with face towel (pat not scrub), and apply nighttime face cream (Collagen Beauty Cream Made with 100% Pure Collagen).

That’s the most basic routine everyone should do. I will add retinols and serums sometimes before the lotions if I feel my skin needs it, but the heavy lifting comes from the lotions.