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GAOTE OUTEMU Mechanical Keyboard Replaceable Blue Switches,[+] Shape (10 PCS)?

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26th Jul 2020

For more background it’s a $50 keyboard on Amazon that keeps going in and out of stock, and currently it’s unavailable so ordering a replacement isn’t possible but i think it came with a few replacement blue switches (although someone said it’s a different brand of blue switch rather than some standard brand) but the Tab and CTRL keys are also pushed down a bit, it’s not the end of the world but it feels weird typing sometimes and looks a little off to me just wondering if it’s an easy fix and I’m just missing it.

Edit: A review said that it uses these switches instead of standard ones so I’d assume my best bet would be to buy replacements like this if it gives me issues? Since it’s likely I won’t be able to buy a new keyboard and I really love this one