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GAOMON PD1161 11.6 Inches HD IPS Tilt Support Graphics Drawing Pen Display with 8 Shortcuts and 8192 Levels Battery-Free AP50 Stylus?

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16th Nov 2021

I’m not sure about a stylus by itself because how they work can vary a bit. However, I do know of a nice drawing tablet that my friend who likes drawing is planning on getting. The stylus itself looks relatively similar to the one in your picture. Here’s a video with an unbiased review going over literally every detail of the tablet and what it comes with, including the stylus. From first glance and my very basic knowledge of technology, that specific stylus might work on other things with touch screens. I can’t be 100% sure since I haven’t tested it myself though. Sorry if this wasn’t too helpful, bit I tried.

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2nd Jul 2021

Here’s a list that comes in under your budget and a good match to the 6700 XT: https://pcpartpicker.com/user/NerdyKyogre/saved/JgDshM

CPU: Intel Core i5-11400: This snappy 6-core CPU is a good match to the 6700 XT at 1080p, and has integrated graphics as requested. Should offer smooth performance for games and productivity. $200

CPU Cooler: ID Cooling SE 224 XT: A basic black 120mm tower cooler that will keep the i5 much quieter than the stock one. $30

Motherboard: MSI B560M Pro VDH WiFi: A basic mATX board that includes WiFi and bluetooth as requested. Power delivery is good enough to run the 11400 with unlocked power limits, and bluetooth may help with drawing tablets. $140

Memory: 2×8 GB Team Vulcan Z DDR4-3200: A basic kit with enough capacity to run games smoothly and decent speed and latency. Nothing fancy but it will work. $75

SSD: WD Blue SN550 1 TB: A fast NVMe drive that will offer quick load times for games and good system responsiveness. This model seems to be the best deal on a fast TLC example. $105

I’ve been leaning toward a single 1 TB NVMe lately for people with smaller game libraries, but if you need more space you could get a 500 GB NVMe and pretty much any cheap 2 TB HDD for about the same price.

Case: Lian Li Lancool 205M: A good quality mATX case with a clean look and solid thermals. It’s compact, cool, and quiet, especially for a system with lower power consumption like this one. $70

Power Supply: EVGA 600 BQ: EVGA PSUs are currently on sale on Amazon and it’s kind of breaking pcpartpicker, so I have very little choice but to recommend one. 600 W will easily cover a 6700 XT, and the semi-modular design of this one will make building easier. $42

Your total comes to $661 for your shiny new gaming tower, under your budget. Now, let’s talk drawing.

You’ll have to go a bit over budget for this, unfortunately, but we can make it work at a reasonable price. My first question is, does this need to be a screen or can it just be a tablet with a pen? Having used both, I can safely say that the screen on the tablet isn’t essential most of the time, but it really depends what you’re doing.

If your wife doesn’t need it to be a screen, she can draw on something like this refurbished Wacom Intuos M: http://estore.wacom.com/en-US/refurb-intuos-m-bluetooth-black-uctl6100wlk0.html. It’s a roomy tablet with a nice pen; my dad owns the Intuos S and it’s a very nice tablet to use.

If she does need a screen, it will be a tad more expensive. This Gaomon unit has a very nice sharp touch screen at a similar size, though the pen is not quite as good: https://www.amazon.com/GAOMON-Graphics-Drawing-Shortcut-Battery-Free/dp/B07VTKYH9D

Both use passive pens, so no need to find unobtanium AAAA batteries. If you want, bluetooth version of both of these are out there (hence the WiFi motherboard). Something like one of those should cover your wife’s drawing needs without hurting your wallet too badly.

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10th Mar 2021

Hmm, I’m surprised they are that cheap now (ones with screens) but it appears they can be bought…


Not a recommendation, I’ve never used a one (except Samsung tablet with s-pen).

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26th Dec 2020

It was a present to me, so I’ll have to double-check if this is it, but I got a Gaomon pd1161 you can find it in Amazon.