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Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Gaming Glasses – Amber Tint Anti Glare Eye Strain Digital Screens Computer TV Cell Phones – Not Magnified?

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24th Feb 2017

There are a special type of non-prescription glasses that can reduce eye strain by filtering out the amount of blue light that hits your eyes. I have a pair and it was the best thing I have ever done.

Link here!

These have helped quite a bit and reduced my overall eye strain. Give them a try since they are fairly cheap.

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7th Dec 2016

Yeah they’re similar, in fact I read a lot of people in the comments of these products who used computer glasses as driving glasses. These are the ones I got from Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Harmful-Shield-Glasses-Minimal-Distortion/dp/B00R6TQIRM/ref=lp_7905467011_1_3_a_it?srs=7905467011&ie=UTF8&qid=1480952351&sr=8-3

I picked these because there is minimal color distortion for digital painting, but honestly because it is so easy to just lift em up and check what you’re doing it is honestly not necessary.

You can also achieve a similar eye-soothing affect as the glasses by changing your computer monitor settings to mute the blue, but this is tedious especially when you need to check the colors of your work.

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5th Dec 2016

Not sure if I have the exact same issue but I do get eyestrain while drawing. I started consciously making sure I don’t lean too close into my work while I draw and I also bought some “computer glasses” to help with bright lights and computer screens which also caused strain.

Taking short breaks from your work to either go outside and focus on stuff far away or close your eyes while you cover them with your palms also helps a lot. Not really a solution to the problem, but it relieves the pain and reverses any vision loss you might get from working.

Hope this helps, good luck.