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Gaming Keyboard, UtechSmart Saturn Rainbow LED Backlit 104 Key Computer PC Wired Silent Gaming Keyboard with Wrist Rest?

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2nd Nov 2016

To clarify, this is in fact a laptop, but I’m finally ditching it for an actual rig. Each key is probably about the size of a dime and the keyboard is not scissor/mechanical.

I’ve just been used to this keyboard layout/spacing for gaming, typing, etc. for the past 5+ years and it would be difficult for me to change/adapt to a new one.

Sorry if this is an odd or specific request, though I did some browsing for a bit on pcpartpicker and amazon and found these:

Keyboard 1

Keyboard 2

Keyboard 3

I like them all, but I’m extremely worried about the spacing of the keys and lack of wrist space.

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28th Jun 2016

She’s not sure on a mechanical yet. Later on down the road most likely, but she’s also leaning towards a UTechSmart keyboard


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11th Dec 2017

I will buy a more affordable gaming keyboard like the UtechSmart gaming keyboard