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Gaming Keyboard Mouse LED Combo – Hcman 18 Different Macro Keys,Backlit Wired Membrane Keyboard & Programmable 7 Buttons & 5 DPI Mode USB Gaming Mouse, Support Macro Editor,for PC MAC Computer Gamers?

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25th Feb 2021

This one?

Generally speaking boards that come with outemu switches and are hotswap normally come with outemu hotswap sockets. Which can only use switches made by outemu.

However the one I link looks to use kailh hotswap sockets, which will work with any MX (non optical) style switch

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10th Feb 2017

Hi guys, I am but a padawan in the MK World, but I’m looking to branch out. I fell in love with my 65g zealios as soon as I tried them, but I still want to try MX clears. I also have been looking for a TKL/60% so I’m hoping to combine the two. I’d like to retain arrow keys if at all possible, so the keyboard I’ve come to is the Tex Beetle. Can anyone vouch for this board? Are there any other 65%/60 with arrow keys that have MX clears?

I’ve also looked into getting a pok3r since they’re so popular and stylish, but I’d really like to keep arrow keys if I could.

Additionally, I’m intrigued by the idea of a hot swappable keyboard, so I can experiment with different switches. To that end, I’ve come across this Teamwolf Hcman Keyboard. It doesn’t have clears, but I could actually get this keyboard and sufficient clears to swap out for less than the price of a tex beetle.

Has anyone used that teamwolf board? Is the hot swappability functional or is it like those e-element boards that don’t take mx switches?

Basically if anyone can offer any experience with either of the two linked keyboards, I’d appreciate it. Suggestions are appreciated

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6th Jan 2017


I already have my FPS set to unlimited btw