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Gamenote 60% Mechanical Keyboard, Wired Gaming Keyboard LED Backlit Mini Compact Keyboards Blue Switch 71 Keys Type-C for PC Gamer Laptop Computer?

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15th Nov 2021

> I have a 75% board. It has del and end. It also has a print key, which you can remap as home if you want.

Right, but does it have all 6 of the keys I mentioned: Home, End, PgUp, PgDn, Ins and Del? That’s the deal breaker – having all six of those keys. It’s why I’ve stayed on a TKL up until this point. And, if a keyboard has a PrintScr key, I want it (that’s normally bound to screen capture, which I use semi-frequently, depending on the project I’m working on), so re-binding that to Home isn’t really a good solution. (In fact, I am going to re-bind the Pause key on this keyboard to be PrintScr instead.)

> Your Havit board will also be available on Alibaba or Taobao under a ton of other names, or even as a blank white label product direct from the manufacturers if you can meet their MOQ.

I’ve spent lots of time on those sites and haven’t seen this exact layout. Typically you see a 68 key layout like this and not a 71 key layout like rhis.

I have seen a few other “71 key” keyboards like this from Skyloong and this TKL variant, but not the layout that Havit and Royal Kludge have produced.

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13th May 2021

I actually found this this one the only problem being the brand