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GAMDIAS Hermes Lite Mechanical Gaming Combo (Red Switch) with Built-in Memory, Hera Software Supported & 3500 DPI, 6 Smart Keys Gaming Mouse(GKC1001)?

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12th Aug 2016

Newegg was awesome to me on this purchase. I had a $30 credit from newegg, because my intel i5 6600k went on sale a week after I purchased it. So I saw this mouse and apparently the mouse that came with my keyboard sucks as a gaming mouse. So I figured I’d spend the $30 bucks on this mouse. I ordered it yesterday. And the 3 day shipping option was free and they also had a 2 day shipping option for 5 bucks. I live in Southern California, maybe an hour and a half from their warehouse. The 2 day shipping option said the mouse would arrive on Monday. So I opted the free 3 day shipping option. But strangely enough it said the 3 day shipping option would be here today. I said no way, but I didn’t want to pay for shipping anyways. But it came in today and I will be using tonight.