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G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R MX On the Fly Macro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Red?

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13th Sep 2020

Sooooo….. my mechanical keyboard appears to be completely dead, and I can’t find a similar replacement, especially since I am now on a budget.

It was a CM Storm Trigger Z, the older model that had a mini-USB plug instead of s full size USB-B.

I had some coffee splash (not outright spill) on it so I decided instead of just wipe it to take off all the keys and just completely clean it since it had been a while anyway. (No, I didn’t dunk it in water or anything). Something I had done several times before over the years with no issues.

After all was said and done and I waited a few hours for the keys to dry before plugging them back into the keyboard and plugged it in……. and nothing. The status leds would turn on but no backlight, and my PC would not recognize it. Then it just completely went dead.

I would understand a key or two being unresponsive if fluid got in, but the entire keyboard appears to be completely dead now and showing no signs of getting power.

Going to see if maybe there is some fluid left in it by leaving it disconnected overnight, but I don’t have much hopes for that, seems likely that it’s dead, issue is I really liked it’s design and when trying to find a replacement that is similar…. I can’t find one. Cooler Master still lists the keyboard (at least the newer model) on their site as still being sold, but it’s listed as discontinued in every retailer I can find.

Main parts that I liked was that it had Cherry MX Red switches, almost nothing seems to use Red switches anymore (even back then it was hard to get that model in Red), that the USB cable was detachable, and that it had macro keys.

Every one I see nowadays in keyboard guides and recommendations has just about every type of switch EXCEPT Red, none seem to have macro keys, and most don’t have a detachable USB cable either…. and they tend to cost an arm and a leg, my old keyboard was $120, a lot of the recommended ones seem to be in the $200 range nowadays…

So…. first of all I am on a budget right now, so I can’t go for those $200 top of the line models, as much as I would want one. If I can keep it under $100 that would be helpful. The most important part for me are the Cherry Red switches, second most important a detchable cable (this one seems to be the hardest to get out of all of them), and least are the dedicated macro keys.

Any suggestions on what I can try?

I had someone recommend the “G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM780R” for me, it was still a little expensive, but not too bad at $90. I also noticed that there is a non-RGB variant for $65:


Anyone have any opinions about either the RGB or non-RGB of that keyboard?

Also, I was trying to find some on my own and RTINGS of all places recommended a Red Dragon keyboard. I always assumed those were TOO cheap to not be a ripoff or scam, but they appear to be decent. Issue is, the one they recommended (which they didn’t give great reviews for) has no numberpad:


However, there appears to be a variant that does:


Any advice or opinion on any of that? Rtings didn’t have reviews on the numberpad model, I am not sure if it’s exactly like the K552 or if it’s different. There was some complaints on the K522 that the spacebar was a little “wobbly” and it doesn’t have (dedicated) macro keys… but it’s pretty cheap…. though almost worryingly TOO cheap…

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14th May 2017

If you want something a little bigger and badder, consider the G.Skill KM780R. At $70 I would consider it a very good deal.