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G. Skill RIPJAWS KM570 MX Minimalistic Fully Utilized Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, Cherry MX Brown?

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25th Dec 2018

Thinkpad keyboards are great on the laptop market, but there’s nothing like a full travel mechanical keyboard. Cherry blues are beautiful, but I type faster on cherry browns because there isn’t a portion of my brain elated by the machine-gun fire strokes. I’ve been very satisfied with this g.skill model. The holidays are making the prices wonky, but you can generally get the red for less than $70 and the RGB for $80.



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30th Mar 2018

I’m not sure which one of these to choose as they all seem to fit my requirements:

  • Budget: max of $100
  • Full Keyboard
  • It’s for gaming, so something close to Cherry MX Brown?
  • basic backlight is fine

It’d be my first mechanical keyboard and I want to know between these keyboards which one would be the better one considering the brand and the quality

^^^Links ^^^are ^^^of ^^^Amazon ^^^Mexico ^^^since ^^^I ^^^live ^^^there

  • G. Skill RIP JAWS KM570 Seems to be alright, however I’m not sure of the brand being quality

  • Hyper X hx-kb1bl1-na/A1 I have one of their headsets and they seem to be quality, but they also seem overly expensive; other than that it fits my requirements

  • Logitech G413 Prodigy Seems to be alright as well, but it’s using it’s own switches apparently and isk how good they are

  • Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Combo Quality company I believe, it includes a mouse which I could use since my current one is off-brand and it’s half my budget. But the switches are “mem-chanical”? so it’s not fully mechanical? what are your thoughts on this?, would it good to save up a bit more for a better one and get this in the meantime to get used to mechanical?

I’d love to hear your opinions. Thanks for reading