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G.SKILL KM360 Professional Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Red, ABS Dual Injection Keycap, (White)?

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3rd Nov 2021

This one is in three parts:

  1. The keyboard itself is a G.Skill KM360 Cherry Red Switch TKL, great quality:

G.Skill KM360

  1. The keycaps are Dye Subbed and good quality.

Custom Keycaps

  1. I quieted this beast down with these (a pain to install but soooo worth it):

Rubber O-Rings

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21st Aug 2021

A combo of this: G.Skill Cherry MX red keyboard plus this: Sub Dyed Keycap set plus a set of rubber o-rings to quiet it down a bit.

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4th Jan 2021

Thanks! it was temporary with a crappy table. It’s now at home on a proper desk.


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17th Nov 2019

Hi I’m looking for a quieter keyboard. Currently have a Sunsonny with outumu brown switches and they’re alright but way too loud, and I’m also not a fan of the fixed row color LEDs.

I’d prefer something with:

  • Silent Red or Red/Light Linear switches (heard cherry mx and gateron are both solid options so don’t think I’d be picky for either)
  • Has either white or customizable RGB LED backlight since I use the keyboard in the dark a LOT (also why it needs to be quiet enough to allow someone in the same room to sleep)
  • Something TKL>Full>>75% as I need F keys for the MMO I play and arrow keys are nice.
  • <$90 but willing to spend a bit more if necessary and it really is extremely worth it

I’ve been looking at:

Then either of

Not the biggest fan of the all pink one but it has LED while other variations don’t. However I do really like the sakura keycap set so think I could buy that and put it on if I get the all pink one.

I’ve also heard this coolermaster keyboard is good but seems a bit high right now.


Please let me know which of these you think is the best option, and if you have any other suggestions. Maybe I should wait until Black Friday to see if there’s a decent Silent Red option? Thanks.