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FX-Audio DAC-X6 MKII Bluetooth 5.0 Digital Audio Decoder DAC 24-bit/192kHz USB/Coaxial/Optical Headphone Amp Mini HiFi Pre-Amplifier Black?

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21st Jan 2022

Sorry one more for you.

FX audio Dac x6 MKII seems to have the most power of these all and it’s slightly cheaper. I don’t need the dac to be portable just BT but it looks like those 2 things are often packaged which maybe drives up the cost.


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2nd Jun 2021

Also, I grabbed this dac/amp FX Audio X6MKII and it works great!


Its kind of a crapshoot on if you get one that distorts at high volume. It actually came with a note saying what transistor to pull if you had the problem, lol.

i mostly just use it to power my DT990 250ohm. I have my speakers running through it as well (another nice feature is the speakers are automatically muted when i plug in the cans) but use the volume controls on the speakers and havent had an issue.

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15th Jan 2021

I have this one and it works great with my dt990 250Ohm.

Definitely a budget pick but it works great.