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Full Size Mono/Stereo HI-FI Cushioned Headphone with Volume Control?

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29th Dec 2018

I use GOM Audio (supports DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive) – also great equalizer/volume booster/left-right balance – but that wouldn’t work for listening to Spotify.

In Spotify pressing on:

Settings | Music Quality | Equalizer

will bring up a dialogue box allowing you to choose any equalizer app you might have installed(e.g. Equalizer FX Pro)

However I have yet to find an Equalizer app that has left-right control balance.(unless you are rooted)


You could always go crazy and spend $19 on this headset with independent left-right volume controls 🙂

… or try and find a 3.5mm audio balance volume control extension cable like this one


I don’t think Android allows changing left-right balance at the system level[some Samsung phones do]

EDIT: Having just read ANBUx23’s comment I can confirm that on my Huawei Mediapad M3(Android 7.1/emui 5.0.3) …

Settings | Accessibility | Hearing | Sound Balance

brings up a left-right volume balance slider that works.

However on my Android One Moto x4 running Pie I cannot find such a setting.

Conclusion: Hearing | Sound Balance is not in Stock Android – some device manufactures have added it.