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Fulext Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband,Sleeping Headphones Sports Headband Headphones, Long Time Play Sleeping Headsets with Built in Speakers Perfect for Workout,Running,Yoga?

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29th Jun 2021

These we’re the ones I bought. I didn’t want to spend much in case I couldn’t sleep with something on my head. Sound quality is good enough for spoken word, the battery lasts a surprisingly long time, and they don’t leak sound on low volume. They don’t block snoring at all if that’s a concern. I’ve slept in them every night for almost a month now which is pretty impressive considering my own hair bothers me.

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12th Mar 2022

I listen through wireless headphones every day while I work. Sometimes all day but usually at least two hours a day.

At night, I use these headphones. They work great and the battery lasts two nights before needing to be charged.

Fulext Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Headband https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BG6J3K7

I connect both headphones to my phone and loop the audios.