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Fujitsu Realforce R2 Keyboard (Full, Black, 55G)?

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5th Apr 2022

That’s really hard to recommend if you aren’t deep into the rabbit hole of exactly what kind of keyboard feel/sound you’re looking for. There are higher end gaming keyboards, but a lot of the price is for G A M I N G stuff.

Most of the time people get a new keyboard here, it’s because they just want a different flavor of keyboard and not because there’s anything wrong with their current keyboard(s).

“Endgame” by community standards usually involves less mainstream switches (ie not red/brown/blues) and taking them apart to lube them, which you’re not going to find in a prebuilt.

If you’re not really into that, just buy a solid mainstream keyboard, most of the non-bottom-of-the-barrel ones are pretty solidly built and won’t really break on you. Hotswap sockets if you want to experiment with switches or buy some pricey switches (pre-lubed Glorious Pandas from GMMK would probably be the closest to “endgame” switches without doing the work yourself, but there’s no guarantee you’ll like the feel)

These are the other hotswap keyboards from biggish brands with numpads I can think of (also on Amazon).



There’s also topre Realforces https://www.amazon.com/Fujitsu-Realforce-Keyboard-Tenkeyless-Black/dp/B07K9MVQCV. Topre or other capacitive switch keyboards aren’t really customizable (not much in the way of custom keycaps, and it’s just one type of capacitive switch, so it is “endgame” for that particular kind of keyboard. Amazon has a good return policy, so just buy one and see if you like it and return it if you don’t.