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FUGU Bean Bag Chair, Premium Foam Filled 4 XL, Protective Liner Plus Removable Machine Wash Hunter Green Cover?

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19th Jun 2021

This is really helpful, thank you. Gotta love Reddit… no matter how obscure or particular your question, it will find you exactly the right person to answer it.

Overflow seating is basically the idea. Actually, the bean bags would be in the MLP, because we have a long rectangular living room with the tv 17’ away from the sectional. Unfortunately, beanbags still may be the best available option in our case because our setup requires easily moveable & low seating. Adding firm pillows to make it work might be as good of a solution as we’ll find.

What do you think about large vs. small bags for movie watching (for adults)? Smaller seems like they would be less of a pain to move around, fluff, and remove cover for cleaning. And I would think it would be easier to manipulate the fill into a (relatively) ergonomic position?

I’ll check into the Sumos. Comparing the available choices on Amazon, Fugus seem to review best and also offer more support than other brands. It’s looking like no beanbag chairs will provide a really great solution, but maybe some will be better than others as far as support. Cozy Sack for instance appears to be a very well-liked product with outstanding durability and comfort and stretch, but apparently you just sink into it.