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Freeboss HF2010 Hi-Fi Semi-Open 53mm Drivers 3m Oxygen Free Copper Cord 3.5mm Plug 6.35mm Adapter Over-Ear Headphones?

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5th Jan 2018

I’m looking for a set of headphones for my father-in-law. I was hoping to get him a part of Takstar HI-2050s but those seem to be discontinued. I saw something about rebrands when searching this form, but I’m not sure. Would these be the same thing? they look extremely similar.

Budget – Under $100

Source – On-board sound card from a prebuilt Dell PC.

Will you be using these Headphones in Public? – Nope

Preferred Type of Headphone – – Over-Ears.

Preferred tonal balance – Balanced, I guess?

Past headphones – No clue. He’s using some crappy ancient headphones right now.

Preferred Music – N/A or I have no idea.

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – Dang near anything would be an improvement on his. So, headphones that aren’t total crap.

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3rd Jun 2017

Here’s a rebrand that ships from the US, excellent headphones for the money by the way

Edit: I actually have some iSK HD9999’s for sale in case you’re interested

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1st Mar 2017

I’m new to the PCMR so I was unaware of the poor quality of headsets so thanks for the advice! After some more research do these headphones seem like a good deal?