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Folding Pedal Exerciser, Mini Arm Leg Under Desk Fitness Exercise Bike Foot Hand Cycle Portable Stationary Peddler Machine Bicycle Exerciser for Arms, Legs, Physical Therapy with Calorie Counter for Elderly Men Women (Black)?

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16th Sep 2021

> Its one of the cheapest forms of cardio, much more accessible than a stationary bike or any bicycle.

Oh really? This minimalist under-desk stationary bike costs <strong>LESS THAN 18 DOLLARS.</strong>

You might be able to find a pair of running shoes that are worth buying for that price, but they will absolutely, 100 percent for sure be wearing out in less than three months of moderate use.

That bike will last at LEAST a couple years.

I get that you like running. I don’t mind the fact that you like running. But the thing is, you’re allowing your preferences to take priority over any actual attempt at intellectual honesty.