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Foldable Portable Roll-Up USB 2.0 Keyboard Keypad?

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20th Jul 2011

Netbook or laptop, tablets are good for very casual browsing, ebook reading, music.

You can pick up a cheap netbook for under $200, or a decent (non-gaming) laptop for about $350.


well if you must, you can run windows apps (I use linux for most everything)

Hard drive, not just SD cards. You can buy 2.5 inch 1TB internal drives

Built-in keyboard, If you’re writing papers on a tablet, you’ll slowly lose your mind. (that said, I did buy a nice roll-up keyboard for my tablet since I’m such a froobie dude.

Bigger batteries, depending on how much you pay

Buyers remorse, The biggest problem I have with tablets/phones is the one you really wanted comes out 2-4 months after you buy what was best that day.