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1st Sep 2017

> That and used isn’t the greatest option when buying pretty much anything as no matter what you do, the product has a chance of being faulty/in bad condition etc on arrival.

That is true, but Amazon, at least, has a generous return policy if you get used from them. Doesn’t work? Not as described? Generally, it’s no cost to you to return the item beyond time and effort. Granted, those can be things that someone has the least amount of, but if not, I’d still consider it an option, at least.

I’ll see if I can come up with any other options, but I’ll also hope someone else chimes in with more experience as well. These days I tend more towards the audio interface side.

As a thought, if your main concern is having enough inputs and you don’t need per-channel EQ, then something like a Scarlett 6i6 might work as well. That has two mic inputs and two line inputs and I think, if I’m understanding your setup, would cover the number of inputs you need.

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21st Jan 2017

Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 Mk II fits the bill pretty nicely at £170. While the headphone amp has slightly high output impedance, the box is well-behaved with clean output, and a few extra output channels, should you ever opt for a separate headphone amplifier, or a surround setup. It also provides internal loopback routing that allows you implement room correction with relative ease.

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25th Sep 2019

Sam sent me this when I was gearing up to stream again! It’s what’s in the main livestream room:

Scarlett 6i6: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Focusrite-Scarlett-Audio-Interface-Tools/dp/B01E6T50GY/

Beyerdynamic DT 297: https://www.thomann.de/gb/beyerdynamic_dt297pv80_mk_ii.htm
1.5m Cable – https://www.thomann.de/gb/beyerdynamic_k1904015m_anschlusskabel.htm

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22nd Oct 2021

Yeah sorry, he was right about the audio interface. I should have used that word too, soundcard means the same thing basically. Just using an RCA-3.5mm TRS cable wouldn’t work though. I’m not sure how you did it before, but you may have only had 1 of the RCA jacks plugged into your mixer, which would have sounded better because there wouldn’t be any phase cancellation, but it would be monophonic. sorry if this is more confusing lol.

So, I would recommend getting a soundcard (I use this kind https://www.amazon.com/Focusrite-Scarlett-Audio-Interface-Tools/dp/B01E6T50GY), getting a dual cable like this (https://www.amazon.com/Hosa-CPR-201-Stereo-Interconnect-Cable/dp/B000068O16), and then recording out from the “tape” stereo outputs on your mixer.

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6th Jan 2017

> I’m just curious because I haven’t looked very deeply into it and I like not bottlenecking my options, you know? Haha

6700k/Z170 and 7700k/Z270 is going to work the same way, but the Z270 board will have a few more features.

> Would it not speed up load times and large file transfers drastically?

Absolutely, but is that worth the extra cost? (as long is it isn’t being bottlenecked by the other drives speeds)

> what advantage would I really have to using a G-sync monitor instead of my 1ms 24″ 1080p monitor?

Well first off you’re going to get a 144hz+ (with the exception of the 60hz 4k panels and 100hz ultrawides). G-sync basically gives you a really smooth gaming experience without screen tearing. It’s awesome, but a little pricey. Linus explains it well.

> As for the Scarlett Solo, why go that route if I can’t expand to anything else by using it?

Yes and no, you wouldn’t be able to add an optical source, but you would be able to add add an XRL mic which would greatly improve your voice output. I mainly added the solo you can really utilize the 598’s. By using a audio interface, you won’t get interference that comes with pci sound cards which is going to give you cleaner sound. You would have to get the Scarlett 6i6 ($250 :/) to get S/PDIF and also 4 line outs via 1/4in.

> The brown switches, though.. I’ve always had reds. What’s the main difference you noticed between them, assuming you’ve used reds in the past?

Yeah i have a Strafe with red switches that i gave to my wife because I’m not a fan of them and got the MasterKeys Pro L with browns :p If you’re going to be programing / gaming browns and blues are pretty awesome, but the blues are a bit loud imo. The difference between the browns and reds are that the reds are linear, meaning that there’s no bump when you press a key, it goes straight down. While the browns have a small tactical bump when you press the key. Tom’s Hardware gives you a good visual.

> Also, something else I noticed that I’m quite curious about – why run 2666MHz RAM?

While gaming, faster memory speeds offers very little improvement if any at all.

Thanks for gold 😀

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26th Sep 2016

What is your budget? I personally use a Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 ($250) if you want to save some money you can get the Focusrite Scarlett 2i4 ($180). They should both be more than enough for your headphones and offers a balanced output for the JBL LSR305’s.