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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Second Generation (2nd Gen) 2-in, 2-out USB Audio Interface?

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12th Jun 2018

To record with your computer you’ll need at least an audio interface with two ins (most affordable option being a focusrite).

This will allow you to take whatever is plugged into your mixer, and record the mix (in stereo) to your computer.

From that point the key is really to just make sure it sounds good coming out of the mixer, as things get much harder to mix once they’ve been combined. Alternatively, if you have multiple things plugged into your mixer you can just take turns soloing and recording them into your computer. This way you’ll have much more flexibility and can mix things digitally after they’ve been recorded individually.

Congrats again on the great haul! The minilogue especially is a great tool.

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14th Dec 2018

Personally, I use a Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface ($156 new or ~$60 on eBay) and a Cloudlifter as a gain booster ($150 new or ~$100 on eBay) .

If you’re really on a budget you can get away with only a Scarlett Solo ($100 new or ~$50 on eBay) and no pre-amp and still sound better than any USB mic. But, you’ll have to really crank up the gain and be extra careful with clipping/distorting your vocals.

All said, you’re looking at about $350 if you go the suggested route with all brand-new equipment (SM58, Scarlett Solo and a Cloudlifter), or closer to $220 if you find good used deals on eBay.

Considering how terrible the $120 Blue Yeti sounds, spending about $100 more to sound like a pro and have equipment that will last for decades just makes more sense.

Also, you can find good mic stands for about $17 on Amazon. Like this one that I bought two months ago.

However, plenty of cheaper alternatives to the Scarlett and Cloudlifter exist. I’m only suggesting these because after doing lots of research and using lots of different audio equipment in my old radio job I found these to be the best when it comes to price vs performance.

Cheaper alternatives:

  1. Behringer USB Audio Interface – $30
  2. SS-1 Microphone Preamp – $75

TL:DR: For about $10 more than the Yeti alone you can get an SM58 (~$90) and a Behringer (~$30) digital audio converter and sound at least twice as good.

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14th Aug 2018

You’re gonna need a USB audio interface if you want to record directly to the laptop.
This is the one I have, and it sounds incredible. I would recommend getting the best one you can afford, given that you can easily swap out mics later.

Another option would be a field recorder like this… These are helpful because you can record directly to an SD card, get 4 channels with phantom power, control volume easily with knobs, and this one comes with headphones and the sd card too.

You could also definitely use a sound board that has USB output, like this. I believe it does exactly what the Scarlett does. What I don’t know is if each track is recorded separately via USB or just the whole mix, which would make post processing a little harder, but still definitely doable.

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30th May 2017
  1. Okay! I actually already have one of those products for output of the sound to the players through the gamepad of the Wii U (it has an aux out on it I send to the headphone amp to then send to two different speakers with optional headsets hooked up to the speaker). Looks like I should pick up one more!

  2. With the alternative option, would a Focus Scarlett 2i2 be able to produce what you said? I already own it as it has been my setup for the past year. I literally might have to draw a diagram of what you said to confirm I understand what you wrote out by the way. haha. (I’d just plug the USB in to the computer for simply power I’d assume).

  3. Thanks! I will definitely just continue to be curious and look into everything I can!

I guess this is my last two questions (for now).

What USB Mixer do you recommend at my price point ($300 with tax max)? So far the two options I’ve looked at were the Mackie I listed before and then the Behringer Xenyx X2222USB. I actually am leaning towards the Behringer right now since it has an Earth Loop function (I’ve had troubles with that on my Focusrite sometimes) and it seems to have more options with outputs and such. If you have any other suggestions for another USB Mixer, what I should be looking for, and just general assesments and recommendations I’d definitely love to hear it. If I have any further questions that come up later, can I DM you?

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19th Apr 2017

I’d buy my current setup…

Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 Audio Interface ($150)

(2) MXL 770 oid Condenser Microphones – Amazing quality microphone for the price. ($144 for 2)

(2) XLR Cables ($20 for 2)

(2) Microphone stands. I use this Gator for my main mic stand and a cheap scissor arm stand for my second. ($100ish for 2)

(2-pack) Microphone pop filters. I like these replicas of the Popgard, but also have one real PopGard that I paid $40 for. Either is much better than those pop filters on a long extension arm that gets in the way. ($10 for 2)

Zoom H4n Pro or H5 portable recorder. I have a Zoom H4 Pro (and a regular H4) but either would work well for recording a podcast on the road or on location somewhere without a computer. ($200-275)

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Studio Monitor Headphones ($150)

Software – GarageBand or Audacity or other free DAW. Or, if you already have a Creative Cloud subscription like I do, Adobe Audition.

All of that is way less than $1k, and give you the ability to do a two-person interview podcast in the studio or on location. With the extra $100 or so, buy some sound proofing materials for your studio.

This is exactly what my setup looks like right now.