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Focusrite iTrack Pocket Portable Stereo Microphone and Guitar Input?

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20th May 2015

My concern with two separate components would be price (buying two pieces of equipment instead of one) and the difficulty of merging two files without delays and what not. Idk if my concerns are overblown or not, as obviously I’m ignorant to these sorts of things.

I just checked out the zoom q3hd on their site and it looks like a really great little device. But it appears as though they’ve discontinued it as multiple retailers don’t have it in stock. It looks like they may have replaced it with the q4 which would make sense, although the shape is different.

I’m looking into the focusrite itrack doc for use with an iphone. Its very budget friendly and seems to be aimed at people such as myself, looking to record simple videos of themselves singing/playing. My only wonder is whether the uke resonates enough to sound good in video using $80 equipment. I don’t have a pickup in my ukes so the plug in feature wouldnt be useful.