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Focal Spirit One S Premium Closed Back Headphones?

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3rd Oct 2018

I have both, and so can hopefully shed some light. (Proof.)

The M50X are over ear, while the focal are on ear. The Focal has a both a higher clamping force and slightly harder pads. The combination of these 3 factors makes the focal headphones less comfortable than the M50X, for me at least. I think that most people would find this. I find that I need to adjust the Focal every once and a while to relieve pressure on parts of my ear. I do have very large ears, so your experience may be different. They are not so uncomfortable that I ever consider not wearing them (if that makes sense).

I think that the build quality is roughly equivalent. The M50X packs down smaller due to the fact the ear cups fold in.

Sound quality: I prefer the Focal, so much so that I have given my M50X to my daughter and don’t listen to them any more. I listen to the Focal a bit, but my go-to closed back portables are my Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 over ears due to superior sound quality.

I bought the Focal second hand in as-new condition for the equivalent of USD80. Good value at that price, and I see that Amazon are selling them at this price at the moment. I would definitely get them at that price if you can.

Out of interest, what country are you in and what price are you looking at?