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Focal Listen Closed Back Headphones?

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29th Nov 2017

Budget – Looking between 200-300 USD but its not a hard number. If there is a set thats beyond next level for 350 I would spend the extra

Source – Mostly a desktop setup. Going to be using a DAC/amp, modi magni combo

Requirements for Isolation – Dont really want any noise leakage so it is most likely going to have to be closed back. Dont have to be noise cancelling but dont really want any ambient noise coming in or bleeding out

Preferred Type of Headphone – I have a massive melon so I feel its going to have to be a large set of over ear.

Preferred tonal balance – A nice overall balanced sound would be nice. Some slightly pronounced bass but nothing too punchy.

Past headphones – Havent really owned a sweet set of cans. I have a pair of AKG K181 for DJing but nothing serious

Preferred Music – Little bit of everything. Dont need absurd bass but I do want to have some clear mids and highs. Something universal for all

What would you like to improve on from your set-up – Its just a gaming headset now, so anything really is an improvement. Switching to a mic setup that I want to pair with a great sounding headset to hear things like I have never heard them before

Location – I do live in Canada but most products will be purchasable here. Getting most items isnt a problem.

A couple sets I have been looking at are:

Focal Listen

Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7BK

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

I would like to hear input about what the more seasoned audiophiles think of my choices or other suggestions I havent considered. All input is appreciated 🙂

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24th Mar 2017

I’m not sure if you are joking, but it’s a pair of headphones: