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FLYBIRD Adjustable Bench,Utility Weight Bench for Full Body Workout- Multi-Purpose Foldable incline/decline Bench (Black)?

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5th Jan 2022

if you can get a set of adjustable dumbbells, you’re golden. I have a set that goes up to 90lb each. It was perfect for quarantine when I couldn’t do anything else. If you can fit it a collapsing bench definitely helps

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12th Jan 2021

It’s for both, I can do pull-ups on it with my knees bent, but I am about 5’10”. Anyone taller may start experiencing some issues, as your knees may hit the floor on a dead hang. The bench is from flybird, link below. So far pretty solid for bench, incline, and military press.


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30th Oct 2020

Has anyone used this bench? It’s a top seller on Amazon and checks my boxes, but I’m nervous about the lack of online discussion of it.


The main complaints are that it’s too short, and doesn’t hold much weight, but I’m 5’3″ 110 lbs, so that’s fine.

The main reason I like it is that it is one of the few benches that is adjustable, foldable (small apartment), and low enough that I can put my feet down without boxes while benching.

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27th Sep 2020

Correct, the rack is the Fitness Reality 810xlt. Its a decent rack especially for the price. I paid $231.90 on Amazon for it with prime. The width of the rack is good, the length I wish was a little longer. Moving the barbell from inside the rack to outside is a bit of a squeeze. I have bags of concrete and mortar on the back legs to prevent the rack from moving since it is not bolted down with anchors. My max squat is 405lb currently and I have had no issues with the rack failing. The landmine attachment press is nice too, I have it attached to the front right leg.

The adjustable bench inside the rack is the flybird adjustable bench for $165 on amazon. That bench is definitely a low grade bench and is flimsy. It gets the job done for the price but I will be upgrading it in the future to a better adjustable bench.


The flat bench was addressed in a separate comment earlier if you have questions on that one.

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28th Dec 2021

Well, the magnesium is really important, because vitamin D functions really poorly without it.

The zinc and magnesium also are building blocks for Testosterone at night.

The L-Argenine helps with weightlifting and in your case maybe eventual sexual activities, and also lowers blood pressure while increasing blood flow.

As for lifting programs, Dumbbell PPL or Barbell Stronglifts is a good start.

I use an app called Jefit.

Here’s the links to those two programs



Probably want to use YouTube to see somebody coach you through each lift type and really focus on “proper form”. Also if you have back issues you can often replace squats with box squats.

You’ll also probably want a weightlifting bench, and some sort of rubberized mat so you don’t dent your floor, or hurt the weights if it’s on concrete. (The bench below was picked because it’s more compact, there are larger benches for cheaper if you got the space)

Dumbbell PPL also uses a pullup bar. And here’s a video of a guy telling you how to get started with pullups.


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7th Apr 2021

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29th Oct 2020

Got it on Amazon! Here’s a link! It does its job but it’s definitely no gym-level bench haha

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30th Jul 2020

flybird adjustable bench

It’s hard to find something I can do incline bench on for cheaper than this right now.

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5th Aug 2020

I’ve been using this one from Amazon for the past few weeks with my 90 lbs power blocks, and it gets the job done for now, but it is NOT super stable.

I just ordered the REP AB3000. Can’t speak from experience but between the reviews on this thread and REP’s website, combined with how fast it sells out when it’s available, I’d say it has to be in the top 3 for “benches under $300”

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17th Sep 2019

Total cost of all that is 1235.36 dollars. Then you save up for..

And you’re all done. 🙂 That is all you need for the gym. You cover everything there. Start from there and keep working forward. You can toss in a yoga mat or two. It shouldn’t be too hard to get + his clients would most likely love to workout in a private space where they pay less & get a free training session or two.