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Fluance Elite High Definition 2-Way Bookshelf Surround Sound Speakers for 2-Channel Stereo Listening or Home Theater System – Black Ash/Pair (SX6-BK)?

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2nd Sep 2015

I looked at those speakers or whatever equivalent was being made like 4-5 years ago and ended up going with these:

Fluance SX6-BK High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers-Black https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ref=cm_sw_r_awd_PjW5vbMJC32H3

I love them. My bedroom is relatively small (like 12 x 11) but they’re amazing. Really clear and plenty of bass for hip-hop, electronic and movies too. I’d try to get a receiver with a phono pre built in, they’re not much more than one without and it’s one less piece of equipment you have to buy.

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5th Jan 2022

I haven’t considered a vintage turntable, what brands or specs would I look for in the used market? and about speakers, is fluance any good? More specifically their elite series. this one is 5″ so it looks a bit more fit for my room.

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8th Jan 2019

Maybe get some Fluance speakers so they match brands. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ that is passive meaning you would need something to power them.

Realistically speaking just find some speakers that you like the aesthetic of and they will most likely sound better than a sound bar. Maybe look to find some retro/vintage speakers to complement the look. Look at some of the guides and see if you like the look of any of them. Micca MB42X or PB42X (powered) or maybe Edifier R1280T might be some cheap options.

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10th Jul 2018

Towers are not good for value. A good sub negates the bass advantage of towers over bookshelves, and the only other thing towers have over bookshelves is loudness.

I’d say get these Fluance speakers for 130 https://www.amazon.com/Fluance-SX6-BK-Definition-Bookshelf-Loudspeakers-Black/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1531182268&sr=8-5&keywords=fluance and a Denon 530 receiver for 130. Have a 2.0 for a couple months till you can get a kick ass sub like a pb2000 or pb1000 used. Then, you get a good front set of three to have a sweet 5.1

Now I saw today that the Elac Unifi B5 are on sale for 350 and those are great, so maybe you can do that first.

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21st Mar 2017

How would I connect it to these speakers, for example?

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13th Jan 2016

Now I may sound completely dumb but I want to know 100% sure. When using the RCA to 3.5mm cable, does your computer know what speaker to throw each sound? Like left and right? I figure it would like a headset, but want to be 100% positive.

After reading some reviews and videos I was thinking about going with these: http://www.amazon.com/Fluance-SX6-BK-Definition-Bookshelf-Loudspeakers-Black/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ref=cm_cr_pr_pl_footer_top?ie=UTF8

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27th Nov 2018
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13th Feb 2019

I’ll throw my hat in for the Fluance SX6’s. I’ve had them for years and they’ve been amazing. They’re below the price point you’re throwing out (in the US at least) and they’re well reviewed. As for a noticeable upgrade for your current set up, I’m not sure. These were the first serious bookshelfs that I committed to and they’ve been more than enough.

Link to Speaker Guide from /r/Zeos

Amazon Link from Guide


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27th Apr 2019

Return the pair of Fluance SX6 <strong>Elite Series</strong> and get the correct Fluance <strong>Signature Series</strong> to go with and match your Fluance <strong>Signature Series</strong> Center.

Yes, skip the amp, you don’t need a power amp to power those Fluance speakers.

>Do you have any suggestions for another receiver? I’m thinking I should upgrade to something with HDMI inputs?

AV Receivers with 4K HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2: Refurbished with a one year manufacturer warranty. Use Amex for the best additional year of credit card coverage, check your cards terms.

If you ever what to use the power amp with other speakers, the next step up receivers listed below have multi channel pre-outs to connect to a power amp.

If you want new with 2 or some have 3 year warranties, Crutchfield has the best USA based customer service in the industry, 60 day returns, $10 flat rate return shipping, and free USA expert technical support for purchases.

If going with Amazon and Wharehouse Deals, be careful since they may be open box returns, may not all be manufacturer warrantied or some may only have 90 day warranties.


Home Theater: r/HTBuyingGuides FAQHow to Set Up a Basic Home Theater System – LifewireHow to Set Up Your Home Theater Receiverr/hometheater

Speaker Positioning: Speaker Placement for Home TheaterSpeaker Placement for Stereo Music Listening

TV Positioning: Vertically centered at eye level while seated.

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8th Aug 2020

Thanks, my understanding:

Paradigm is $360 for the pair https://gibbyselectronicsupermarket.ca/product/paradigm-monitor-se-atom-blk-pair/

SX6 is $200 for one speaker https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/Fluance-SX6-BK-D%C3%A9finition-Biblioth%C3%A8que-Haut-Parleurs/dp/B00IEDL8EM

Edit: oh actually nvm, I see the Fluance is by pair too. So that means the Paradigm is much better?

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10th Dec 2017

Don’t really have the room or budget. I can go up a little, what do you think of these: Fluance SX6-BK High Definition Two-way Bookshelf Loudspeakers-Black Ash https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00IEDL8EM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_1rvlAbWVZ9ABB

Fluance Signature Series HiFi Two-way Center Channel Speaker for Home Theater (HFC) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01A5TNHWS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_ssvlAbP7HM9SS

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5th Oct 2016

Awesome, thanks! I’ve got these speakers already that I’ll be using for my front speakers.

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21st Feb 2016

I’m looking to get a 2 speaker desktop system for my computer/xbox one. This setup will be primarily for listening to music and games. In my limited research, I found Zero’s guide to 2.0 desktop setups, but that sub seems to have very little traffic.

I’d prefer to go with an external amp and two bookshelf speakers. My budget ideally would be in the 300 range, but I’m not afraid to push it a bit more if the need is there.

So far, I was thinking about these speakers and this amp (out of stock on amazon, Ebay has them for ~$130).

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!

TL;DR – Looking for 2.0 desktop setup, 300 budget, can go higher. Want amp with two inputs, don’t think I need a DAC.

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7th Oct 2015

I use the Fluance SX6-BK with the (Lepai) LP-2020A for the sound.

And for the 4K on PC, I should do some research. I’m not sure

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9th Jul 2015

If you’re mostly watching sports then you a probably fine with one of the yammy sets to start out with. If you want to go with a 2.0 you’ll need to get decent sized speakers. I would look at these Fluance SX6 $130, BIC DV62 $125 or the Pioneer BS-22 $130. Each has a matching center available and are not too massive. I would also consider getting stands $45 for them if you can afford it.

The two speaker setup will lack some of the low end that the yammy set bring because of the lack of subwoofer. However, the pair of speakers should do better everywhere else as they are better quality speakers. That being said if you just want surround sound and are not that into audio get the cheap yammy set. Then upgrade the front three if you feel it’s lacking. If not then you’re good.

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25th Jun 2015

What about something like…

Fluance SX6’s $120


BIC America FH-65B’s $100 good sale right now!

SMSL SA-60 Amp

Speaker wire

Wire stripper if you don’t have one

That puts you at just over $200… but with no subwoofer.

If you want to double your budget for a subwoofer as well, you could grab one of these:

BIC America F12 for $220

Check out /r/Zeos for more help. He has good guides there. Especially the Stereo Systems (2.0 &amp; 2.1) Guide. He has diagrams you’ll want to look at for your setup.

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1st Jun 2015

I don’t think you’re going to get to upgrade all the speakers at this time but you can get close.

I would look at this:

Fronts – Fluance SX6 $130

Center and surrounds – SX center set $150

Now move the current L/R main speakers to the rear most or side positions. This will get you 5 out of 7 upgraded and should really make a difference.