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Fluance AV5 Powerful & Dynamic Two-Way Bookshelf Speakers for Home Theater & Music Systems?

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27th May 2017

The Sony’s not 90W/ch, that’s at 6ohm not 8ohm.

Get the Denon X1300 for $310 shipped, factory refurb. It’ll wipe the floor with all three of those (much, much better room correction). Besides just HDR10, it also will support Dolby Vision and HLG (likely HDR format for cable tv).

ELAC’s are going to be much better than the Pioneer’s, but that sub is bad for the money. I can pretty much guarentee you’ll be happy with my usually recommended setup. That is, the HTD Level Three bookshelves + center ($565-$625 depending on color; they both are available in B-stock in black for a total of $60 less if you don’t mind the possjbility of a few scratches/dents), you don’t want towers for your budget, they cost usually 2x as much and usually sound only a teeny bit better. For surrounds, the Fluance AV5 for $70. For the subwoofer, that leaves say $300, I’d just get the sub I have, which is an older Klipsch model (sold for like $450-$475), it currently sells for $260 on Amazon or $220 on Groupon.

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8th Jul 2017

I guess I’ll assume 5.1.

If you can fit them, I’d heavily suggest taking advantage of RBH’s current clearance sale. You can get towers and center for $661 (I suggest the red burl color), don’t forget to use that coupon at the bottom, it saves you ~$70.

For the receiver, the Denon X1300, it can be had new for $400 off Amazon or ~$310 shipped if you don’t mind factory refurb (you shouldn’t).

For the surrounds, if you get red burl for the fronts, get the Fluance XLBP’s for $120. If you don’t want bipole speakers, then get something like Fluance AV5’s, or if you want smaller, Polk OWM3’s.

That leaves around $320 for the sub at minimum, I’ll knock that down to say $280 to account for speaker wire, banana plugs (if you want, I highly suggest the monoprice open-screw ones and use them right-angled, pic), ~$10 subwoofer cable, etc.

I’d suggest the sub I have, the Klipsch sub-12HG, for some reason BUyDigg is selling it cheaper on eBay than on their own store, take advantage of it, it’s $260 on Amazon.

That leaves you will ~$100 saved, I would heavily suggest investing that into room treatment (acoustic panels). You can make them yourself, just go to Lowe’s, get some Roxul, some 2×4’s (or whatever depth works for you), and some breathable fabric, or you can buy those ones that belong in a recording studio, here’s a 48pk for <$90, found about them from the user who posted this.

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26th Jul 2017

Gotcha, misunderstood when I was looking things up. So you are suggesting

Pair of HTD Level 3 Bookcase $319 a pair (I prefer the black)

1x HTD Level 3 Center at $209

Pair of Fluance AV5 $70

1x Klipsch Sub 12-HG $250

So a total of $858, that seems just about right, thanks!

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25th Feb 2017

I second these or you can look at these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014HR6CQ2/. Both are front ported under $100/pair.