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Fluance Ai60 High Performance Powered Two-Way 6.5″ 2.0 Bookshelf Speakers with 100W Class D Amplifier for Turntable, PC, HDTV & Bluetooth aptX Wireless Music Streaming (Lucky Bamboo)?

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10th May 2019

I wouldn’t use that if someone gave it to me for free. For $500? Yeah it was a steal, but they stole the money from you.

There are loads of better options at that price. Even lower.

Fluance AI60.

AudioEngine A5+.

Kanto YU6.

Or you could get a receiver and some passive speakers.



Ascend Acoustics CBM-170.

Elac Debut B6.2.

Klipsch R-51M.

Klipsch R-610F.

Wharfedale Diamond 220.

That’s not a complete list, but definitely a good place to start. Any of these options will be better than the soundbar.

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15th Aug 2020

TV has Optical out?

get some Active speakers like Fluance Ai60 – Optical is Fixed so make sure they have a remote


or a mini amp n passive speakers like

AD18 and Infinity R152

or AVR and LCR

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30th Jul 2020

Normally I would suggest one of the nicer Edifier and recommend using coax or optical to feed it but since you only have 3.5mm or USB, I would suggest the Fluance Ai60. It has great reviews. It has USB input and bluetooth. It is a hair bigger than the LSR305 but it has a 6.5 inch woofer instead of a 5 inch (there is no replacement for displacement, move more air, get more and better sound). The price is decent too.


Should you decide to get a DAC or USB to coax converter (easily found for well under $100), then I would suggest one of the nicer Edifier or go all in on a true entry audiophile level set of Swans M200MIII+


USB to coax and optical for $15


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28th Jul 2020

Do you care about whether your setup is expandable down the road?

If not, powered speakers will be the best value. The Fluance Ai60W are a good option. The only other thing you would need to buy is an RCA cable to connect them to your TV (assuming your TV has red and white RCA outputs; most do).

The downside is that it’s not easy to add on to these speakers over time. If you want a really nice home theater system someday, you would basically have to use these powered speakers in a different room and start fresh.

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19th Dec 2019

A step up from Edifier powered speakers, Fluance Ai60 are on sale for $199 from $299. The smaller Fluance Ai40 are the same $199 price.

DIY single unit speaker: Dayton Audio MKBoom Portable Bluetooth Speaker Kit $129.

Alternative to Sonos: Dayton Audio AERO Wi-Fi Bluetooth Speaker with IR Remote Control Black $99.

Or the IKEA SYMFONISK $99 has Sonos and Apple Airplay.

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31st Aug 2019

as others have said, you generally only can do surround with a receiver.

the receiver is the manager for the different audio channels.

you can get a fancy set of computer speakers, that will do surround sound, if you’re allergic to a discrete receiver.


there are plenty of powered stereo speakers that let you do optical >> speakers



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3rd May 2019

I always forget that people spend hundreds of dollars on sound bars.

> Any better choice than LG’s SK9Y sound bar @ $400?

Yeah, these