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29th Jun 2018

>I’m putting together my smart home plan….

Is this the extent of your smart home plan?

If you are going to have a home automation controller like Home Assistant, SmartThings, Hubitat, etc., then you could just program an all off routine, and not just for what is connected by a particular brand of switch… or even on a switch, with smart bulbs and LED controllers.

The Lutron 5-button Pico/switch might work well for this, since it has the extra button. I use the middle button to toggle ceiling fans (and otherwise use 4-button or 2-button depending on application). Alternatively, you could just use a single button (like Amazon Dash buttons, or a Flic) to trigger the good night. Better yet, figure out if there’s one thing (or set of things) you do every night before going to bed (or want the lights to turn off), but don’t do if you aren’t going to bed. For instance, if your closet light turns on between 9:30 and 10pm, or your bedside lamp, or you turn off one specific light, etc. Then have it turn everything off. With a controller like Hubitat, you can get as complex as necessary, like one light is turned off, another turned on within a few minutes, then turn off all lights in the living area, and wait 10 minutes and turn off all other lights (and lock the doors).

Be advised, Hubitat requires the Caseta Pro Bridge. SmartThings doesn’t require the Pro, but uses cloud processing, so will have 2+ second response times.

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15th Apr 2018

This product Flic was supposed to do this for you. Here is an Amazon listing for that I know there are definitely some other products like this, probably even some generic ones that will work on IFTTT or Alexa. I’m also pretty sure that you can use the Amazon Dash button for this purpose as well.

If you had some technical inclination this is somewhat easy to set up from scratch DIY as well.