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Flic -The Wireless Smart Button, 3-Pack – The World’s Smartest Button – Control Your Smart Home Devices, apps and Services with The Push of a Button?

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24th Nov 2018

I guess that’s part of it. Products as


are insanely expensive. However, development boards for ESP8266 like Wemos d1 mini cost less than 1 buck, if you add a plastic enclosure, a snap button and a coin battery it should cost less than 10 bucks.


But it’s true that amazon could be actually losing money when they deliver the buttons. They just make up for the loss after a couple of button presses.



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6th Jun 2018

>The lutron light switches can have “Pico” remotes, but the remotes can only be associated with switches, not scenes.

If using a control hub, that’s not true. As per my separate comment, my Pico remotes control specific bulbs (I use smart bulbs), and can set dimmer level based on time. They can be set to control multiple devices, using different types of button pushes (such as click, hold, double-click), with status of other devices, for any device setting. (But, simple is best.)

I’m not familiar with Iris products, but the advantage of Lutron over others is that there are several options that all match. They have 2, 4 and 5 button Pico remotes, which match their 2, 4 and 5 button wired switches. And, they use standard wall plates with standard colors ofwhite, off-white, off-off-white and black, so they sort of basically match dumb switches. (As a bonus, they offer Picos with custom screen-printed labels…. for $65 per remote.)

One minus is that they are a little small to use as a fob.

The common theme with everyone’s responses is “KISS” (Keep It Simple Stupid). Personally, I value matched style for all controls (which helps with knowing how to do things, since everything works the same). But, if all you need is to activate one scene or one routine (like “good night”), then consider a single button – like this or this. I use these where a single one-side flip turns on, and full 180 flip turns off, but even that violates my own requirement of simplicity… I needed to explain to the wife how to use it, so it’s too complicated.^1

Note: Pico on SmartThings goes through the cloud (so have a built in delay of at least 1 second). On the Hubitat, you need the Pro Bridge but are local. I don’t know what other automation controllers support them.

^1 edit: In my defense, I’m separately controlling two different lights – mine and the wife’s bedroom lamps. And, since it’s 3-dimensional, it works well in the dark. Still, I’m considering changing to a 5-button Pico, where the 5th button turns off the other person’s lamp. On/off and dimming would be self-explanatory.