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Flexispot EC1 Electric White Standing Desk Adjustable Height Desk, 48 x 30 Inches Whole Piece Board Sit Stand Desk Home Office Workstation Stand up Desk (White Frame + 48 in White Top)?

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19th Nov 2021

I got this Flexispot 48x30in one on sale for ~$212 in August (~$20 more rn) and I’ve been quite happy with it, it’s been tall enough for me and I’m 6’4 so unless you’re taller than that or a big fan of heels I can at least vouch for the ergonomics. I haven’t noticed any issues with the weight capacity, but assembly was a bit of a pain, and while I’m happy with the depth of the desk, 4 feet may be too narrow for you so keep sizing in mind.

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6th May 2021


The 30inch deep model was on sale a couple days ago, discount code: 9H9J5O2I

Seems to be still active, on the White model $200.09

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29th Apr 2021

Deal link: Amazon

Coupon code: 9H9J5O2I

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