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Flash Furniture High Back Folding Black LeatherSoft Executive Swivel Office Chair with Arms?

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14th Mar 2016

I would suggest to save money just finding a cheaper office chair and doing some diy work to make it easily dismantlable but not unreliable. If you have some room, though, you could get a folding back tallback office chair like this one.

I really regret not taking a real computer chair with me to the last large LAN I was at. Two days on a hotel chair killed me. (along with sleeping on the floor)

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23rd Mar 2017

I’m not sure if questions about computer chairs belong here but here it goes. I’m looking for a chair with a super specific functionality. I have very limited space in my room (Battlestation) and I want my chair to be able to be multi-functional. The super specific things I want the chair to be able to do are:

1: Being able to fold down and fit under a desk with a height of 27 inches and 24 inches deep (doesn’t have to fit perfectly, but more the better.

2: At the same time, have a decently large backrest. So instead of just folding at the base of the chair, it would fold again around shoulder height or so to adhere to #1?

3: Can act as a foot stool for when I want to kick back on my bed and watch movies (I can do it currently but the backrest gets in the way a lot). #1 accomplishes 90% of this, maybe some padding?

It still needs to have some basic desk chair functionality, like wheels, height adjustment, swivel, arm-rests… I can make some sacrifices but not many of those. I’m 6’2″ and 185 pounds (wouldn’t want to get a chair too small).

I found this but the reviews are turning me away from it. I can’t find any other chair that is even remotely similar.