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Flash Furniture HERCULES Series 24/7 Intensive Use Big & Tall 350 lb. Rated Black Mesh Multifunction Swivel Ergonomic Office Chair?

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24th Oct 2016

Speaking from 40 years of experience: Most inexpensive chairs sold online and in stores are ill suited for big/tall users. Ditto not so cheap so called big/tall chairs. Go to a couple office supply stores and try many different chairs, both inexpensive & better quality, before you buy. Just like buying shoes, you must buy what fits & feels right. Suggest you test better big/tall models from Steelcase Leap, HM Areon, Hon, Alexa Mera, Samsonite, ErgoHuman.

That said, once in a while you get lucky, years ago I found a inexpensive chair at Sams Club that I’ve used for years. It’s showing the wear, would like to replace, but Sams not longer carries that model, nor the decent Global oversized model I’d worn out previously. Ordered a Hercules big/tall chair from Amazon, sent it back after it arrived damaged & didn’t really feel right anyway. So, I must now follow my own advice and go chair shopping. The ErgoHuman chairs come well recommended as do HM Aeron Size B & C.