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Flash Furniture Glass L-Shape Desk with Pull-Out Keyboard Tray?

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28th Jun 2015

If you do not share the room I would recommend the following glass corner desk.


The desk would give you all the room you need for your computer, printer or second monitor(recommended to place in the corner) plus homework and one or two books on the other desk. The glass will help keep the room feeling more open. Zip ties will help with the wire clutter if you are like me and enjoy desktop computers with a number of peripherals.

But that would leave you with 20 dollars for a dresser. I would personally use the 20 dollars and get some cheap metal rack from walmart/target and keep it in your closet. When I was a college student, every dorm and apartment on campus provided a dresser. I am kind of surprised that one was not included for you.

Edit: I assumed your budget was 200. If it is up to 300, you could send the 120 on a better dresser though I have no recommendations on a dresser.