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Five Diamond Collection Bamboo Covered Full Body Stay Cool Shredded Memory Foam Body Pillow,100% Washable,Made in USA?

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9th Aug 2016

> I’m admittedly kinda curious what smooth knit is like

Not quite as smooth/soft and doesn’t stretch as much. I’d say it’s in-between peach skin and 2WT, though maybe I’m just crazy. In my opinion, the material isn’t worth it at all in comparison to 2WT.

> Man, its a shame they don’t make high end memory foam pillows in daki size…

I think they do? Here’s a 50x150cm "memory foam" body pillow on Amazon. There’s lots of them if you look around. Though you’d have probably an impossible time finding a 160cm one…

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15th Apr 2017

Thanks. I’ll make a habit of checking it regular with the sites linked in your ancient post, that seems to be the best way to avoid the terror of missing out.

As a side note, where is the best place to find the 1600mmx500mm pillows? I understand that royalpillow will do them in the states but the options I’m finding that are readily available are:

  1. Buy this 60"x20" pillow and deal with it being a bit too short for 1600×500 pillows and perfect for 1500×500 pillow.

  2. Buy this silly round style of pillow and deal with it being too long for 1500×500, just right for 1600×500 but now everything is cylindrical.

  3. Buy a pillow directly from a retailer like amiami and potentially get gorrila-ass-pounded on shipping costs. Not to mention how quickly this style of generic pillow breaks down.

  4. Buy an air filled pillow and potential puncture and deflate your waifu.

Is there a good/better/best option that I am overlooking?

EDIT: These appear to be the regular suspects here but they’re pretty damn expensive. Do you really get what you pay for? DHR6000 and DHR5000.