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Fitted Sheet- COSMOPLUS Queen Fitted Sheet Only(No Flat Sheet or Pillow Shams),4 Way Stretch Micro-Knit,Snug Fit,Wrinkle Free,for Standard Mattress and Air Bed Mattress from 8” Up to 14”,Taupe?

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12th Sep 2020

for me, the sheet suspenders never stayed on, and they are a bitch to take off and put on every time you change your linens. the deep poclet sheets didn’t work me, either. and then i found these sheets on the link below. i use the same fitted size fitted sheet for my 10″ guest bed mattress and my 18″ mattress. both stay snug and never come off until i take them off.

i am a hot sleeper and this fitted sheet works for me. i had a guest for a while that is a cold sleeper, and she liked it, too. the only issues for me are the lack of colors, and mine tends to get pilly from my pups sleeping with me. oh, and i did wash the guest one twice, but i still had to do a lint remover pass when i put it back on, but no pills on that one.

but, you idea works, too, and you are an excellent BF!.