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FIRSTBLOOD ONLY GAME. AK510 Retro Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – PBT SP Spherical Keycaps – Classic Grey-White Matching – RGB Backlight – Black Switches?

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1st May 2021

Ok, bare with me here, because this is a goofy board that caught my eye, and after using it for a while, I’m in love with it. Check out this one. I picked it up just as a curiosity a little while back and I’ve been very pleasantly surprised with it. It’s turned into my daily driver.

It also helps that I’m getting to be an old man myself, I grew up on older style hardware like this, so seeing it modernized while looking retro is a fun thing for me.

The switches (I picked black linear, which doesn’t seem to be available right now) are surprisingly nice. No idea what brand they actually are, they’ve been rebranded with the Ajazz name. The stabs seem to be totally unlubed from the factory, which kinda helps with the retro feel of the board. I haven’t lubed them and probably never will, because while they are a little noisy, they aren’t so rattly that it’s intolerable. It adds to the character. I’ve heard far worse from companies with lube applied from the factory. My Keychron K4 for example sounded like a bag of soda cans compared to this thing.

The board is weighty and feels solid, it doesn’t feel cheap. Sure it’s plastic, but there’s obviously a metal plate inside that gives it some heft. It doesn’t reverberate like crazy either, overall, even with the unlubed stabs, the board is pretty quiet for what it is.

The stock keycaps are… ok. I actually already have a couple sets of these cheap, backlit SA keycaps, and these appear to be the same ones, just different colors. I wasn’t terribly keen on them (they actually looked pretty nice on another board, so that’s where they went), so I swapped them out with some TaiHao cubic keycaps I had sitting around, and the color of this set (the Midnight Sun in the link) fits in with the color of the keyboard quite well. Throw whatever set you want on it, it’s a fully standard board.

The lighting is functional, but nothing to really write home about. It’s all on the keyboard, no software to fiddle around with. It has a handful of modes, a handful of colors (no orange sadly), and a handful of colors for the side lighting. Nothing special, but functional.