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Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt, Weight Belt, Weight Lifting Belt for Men and Women, 6 Inch, Back Support for Lifting, Squat and Deadlifting Workout Belt (Black, 32″ – 38″ Around Navel, Medium)?

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5th Apr 2017

Weightlifting Belt? Yea or nay?

I’ve been lifting for about 18 months now, good progress on my Squat and DL, I see a few lifters at my gym using a belt, should I?

I was looking at Amazon and this is one of the bestseller. Alternative this one too.


  • BW: 205 lbs
  • DL: 405 lbs
  • Squat: 310 lbs
  • Goal: looking good naked
  • Sex: yes, AMRAP
  • Gender: M