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Fire Team Fit Weight Belt with Chain, Dip Belt for Weighted Pull Ups and Dips Black, Small (for Waist 40 Inches or Less)?

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21st Apr 2017

Dip belts work well with kettlebells. I’m not 100% certain how the one in your link holds weight, this amazon listing is a more conventional design, and one photo even features a kettlebell. I think the one in your link is probably basically the same. I think the wide part wraps around the entire body, and the kettlebell would hang from the narrower nylon strap. Most have chain instead of nylon, but the round handle of a kettlebell would fray the nylon less than the squarish edge of a weight plate.

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19th Feb 2018

I have this:


It works fine, no complaints. Says 300lb weight limit. Doubt I’ll ever test that lol.