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Filtrete Air Purifier, Small/Medium Room True HEPA Filter, Captures 99.97% of Airborne particles such as Smoke, Dust, Pollen, Bacteria, Virus for 150 Sq. Ft., Office, Bedroom, Kitchen and more?

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15th May 2021

$40 in filters, or $40 in purifier?

HEPA filters are cheap, two 3M filters cost about $40, each can last you 6 months.

Air purifier costs about $100 for a decent one. Just get the basic one that doesn’t have all the fancy functions (e.g. UV light, air quality monitor) cuz they are pretty much useless.

I’m using this one, I picked this because filters are easy to find and cheap, filters are available at Amazon or Walmart.

Air purifier uses static pressure fan that can push more air thru filters than a normal box fan, and they are quieter. If you plan on using the purifier for years to come get a proper one.

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18th Oct 2020

There are various brands etc., but this is the one I ended up with.